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Grenville Schraeder Shares some of his Irondale Memories

To Whom It May Concern;

Upon arriving home from a week of Lake Trout fishing in the Haliburton Highlands, I was glancing thru The Cottage Times and read the aforementioned article by Sunita Karir. George Simmons said "We'd like to take the core people who still live here, as well as cottagers who first came here and hear all their stories about the dilemma and struggles that were involved. (That leaves me out). In 1942, the Canadian National Railways was an essential Service of a Country at War and my father Archie Schrader as a Section4man was frozen in the services of the CNR during this period. Charlie Woermke, Section4man for Irondale turned 65 years in 1942 and was forced to retire against his will. (Policy). My father succeeded Charlie. Due to living on the Lower Dutch Line south of Gelert, we could not load our Household Effects in a railroad car, so it was loaded on two wagons and hauled across the old gravel Irondale road to Irondale. We children drove our few head of stock. The worst part for me- being 12 years of age - was my Grandfather Louis Wilhelm Schrader engaging in a friendly conversation of Ye Ole "gothic German" with Charlie Woermke! I expected at any moment to be arrested and placed in a concentration camp. ... Having said all that - I will once again crawl under my rock and be quiet. You can ask George Simmons Junior how he and his brother Perry first met me. I can't tell - My lips are sealed! I have said enuf. I do have fond memories of days in Irondale.

‘Gren’ville Schrader